Welcome to our genuine Australian Aboriginal walkabout. Achieve ancient wisdom to enrich your life and a deep connection to our country & culture
  • Live for a day our; happy, creative & spiritual way of traditional Aboriginal life
    A life changing journey of discovery in the Blue Mountains 1 hr from Sydney
    Inspiring authentic ancient cultural; education & connection  with adventure

  • Aboriginal owned & guided we learn by following a song line of sacred sites
    A secluded bushwalk (3.5 km medium grade) through a beautiful rainforest
    6 hrs in nature (2 hr walk with 4 hrs of learning, activities, photos & relaxing)

  • Original; song line, rock art, ceremonial sites, artefacts & dreamtime stories
    Try; bush food tasting, bush medicines & creative ochre bark & body painting    
    Enjoy 3 simple cultural practices for a; strong body, clear mind & open heart

  • See wildlife & spectacular sandstone caves. Relax by a rock pool & waterfall
    We vary the route & rest stops so to stay cool in summer and warm in winter
    Friendly local Aboriginal guide Evan Yanna Muru with deep cultural wisdom

  • Multi award winning tour Est in 2000’ for 1 to10 people. More if group, school or Uni.
    Open everyday all year & easily reached by train from Sydney or Katoomba
    Enjoy our gift a; poetic, artistic & written presentation of our cultural wisdom

Quai da ngalaringi nangami Welcome to our dreamtime!

Awaiting you is an inspiring ancient quest. An Aboriginal walkabout. A mesmerizing experience of our Aboriginal culture and the wild Australian bush. This was and still is a journey of self discovery and spiritual transformation. By achieving a deeper connection to ”the dreaming” and growing; inner peace, awareness, connection, truth, self control, respect and responsibility.  The song line (story of place) leads us through secluded wild bush & moss covered rainforest to our sacred sites of the dreamtime. We walk gently & listen carefully to what nature & these wonderful sites have to share with us.

Venture far beyond local knowledge to discover a lost world of amazing Aboriginal sites and ancient wisdom. Become a part of our dreaming and gain a unique understanding of our local Darug culture by actually experiencing what our life used to be like. Find secret places. Hidden wonders that you will not see on any other walk or tour. Discover the real Blue Mountains, not from a busy lookout but from the inside out! There are no buses, no other people and we venture off track to feel the freedom of endless wilderness. This walkabout will stimulate your senses, enrich your spirit and give you a timeless connection to our sacred land.

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